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The Boosey & Hawkes Commission  2005  London

     However important music has been to me personally,  I had never thought of using it as a subject until the managing director, John Minch explained that he would like something as interesting as a piece by Igor Stravinsky,  
     By mid December 2004  The drawings had been done and discussed. But having just moved, a new studio yet to be constructed, there was some delay. I began to read some of Stravinsky’s memoirs and listened extensively to his work. He said, that his dream, in which a woman dances herself to death, began the chain of events that lead to the creation of the "Rites of Spring". Only months later , did the music come to him, as unconsciously as his dream. 
   Eventually the shape and movement of
The Whirligig began to emerge.  The music conveys a spiral effect particularly in the Rites, which inspired me.   The lyrical element, the tender musical suggestions,  are evoked by sweeping curves of heavy steel.  The sculpture is  punctuated by steel spheres  to create a sense of staccato. Stone elements reflect the  brutal discordant anarchic sound.  Finally, the encircling steel images  reflect the driving counter point to the upward movement of the sculpture,  whirling as the music to its wild anarchic conclusion.   

The Hebden Bridge Trail Commission   2004  Yorkshire

   The Proposal to make a free standing steel sculpture, a Rhino, to further explore symbiotic relationships in nature was accepted for the Hebden Bridge Sculpture TrailThe Rhino with all its massive instinctive power is helpless to defend itself against infection from ticks and bugs.  Without the aid of a small, delicate, relatively helpless bird, the Rhinos strength and systemic health would be undermined.  In this scenario, both creatures, great and small exhibit inherent diplomacy and pragmatism, promoting the harmonious survival of the fittest.  Both creatures are blessed, one by the relief of pain and disease, the other by nourishment.  By using very dense and heavy steel within the image of the Rhino and relatively fragile steel to create the bird, I want to show the great physical contrast between these two creatures.  The extraordinary difference between them, to me makes their relationship all the more fruitful, amazing and heroic.  The title of the sculpture is “Pick A Peck Of Rhinos”.

The Techo Commission   2003  London

   Techo UK has been part of a new attitude and movement in the corporate world joining business and the arts which has created rich new vital environments. Techo UK, sponsors of the Czech Centre exhibition of Tobias-Williams, drew a massive response from architects, designers and corporate managers from the UK and Europe. Techo subsequently commissioned and bought a number of sculptures. They now have at least 6 sculptures on permanent display at the Techo showrooms in Clarkenwell, London. Designers have commissioned work from Tobias-Williams, and continue to do so. Sculpture has also been acquired recently from the Showroom Gallery itself.




Boosey Hawkes Commission
Sculptures in Techo Showroom


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