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About the Artist

                           Beauty from Base Metal                                                                                             Instalation of RIDERS OF THE RIO SECO at Preasta

Drawing from worldly experiences in Europe, North Africa and the Americas,
international artist Alan Tobias-Williams fuses joy, sadness, whimsy and anger
with a profound talent and understanding of the human condition as expressed in
the brilliant melding of steel, stone, colour and canvas.

Recently Acquired:
Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre

british exhibitions:                                                                                     major collections:
Campion Gallery, (one-man show), London                                                                   Hirschhorn Collection, Smithsonian Institute, Washington DC, USA
Campion Gallery, (one-man show), London                                                                   Vincent Price Collection, USA
Jablonski Gallery, (one-man show), London
Jablonski Gallery, (group show), London
                                                                     collections Include:
Bonnington Gallery, (one-man show), Nottingham                                                          James Biddle, former curator American Art, Metropolitan Museum, New York
Stoke-on-Trent City Museum (one-man show)                                                               Irma Jaffee, Whitney Museum, New York                               
Bloxham Galleries, London                                                                                          Meyer Potampkin, Philadelphia Museum    
Jon Old Galleries, London                                                                                           Mrs John Sloan, Mrs Dorothy Rodgers, Mrs Luch Wally Cox, Bryce Morrison,
Fire & Iron Gallery, Leatherhead 1998-2003                                                                  Barbara Griggs, Henri van der Zee, Kevin Whay, Thomas Hirsch, Evelyna Arana 
Jon Old Galleries, London 2001                                                                                   Guy Luster, Graham Gallery, New York
Jon Old Galleries, London 2002                                                                                   Mr and Mrs Julian Taub, Scarsdale, NY
Czech Gallery, Gt. Portland St., London (one-man show) June 2003                               David Orr, Jeffrey Dell
(Sponsored by Techo UK)                                                                                           Robert Melville, Art Critic, New Statesman
Linda Blackstone Gallery 2004 London                                                                         Iain Sleigh, Vice President, Haig & Haig, London                                  
Hebdon Bridge Sculpture Trail 2003 - West Yorkshire                                                    Bodil Koch, Arts Minister, Denmark
Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability Celebration Exhibition- Air Gallery London 2004          Frank Schauffus, former Ballet Master Royal Danish Ballet
(opened by and in the presence of Leonora, Countess of Lichfield)
                                Drew Launay, Novelist, Spain
                                                                                                                                Aidan Higgins, Novelist, Dublin  
new york / international exhibitions:                                                  Wyndham Publications, London
Bodley Gallery, Madison Avenue, New York                                                                 Julie Lawson, Contemporary Art Institute, London
Portrait Show, Museum of Modern Art, New York                                                          A. Haemmerli, formerly with Unesco, Paris, New York
Jasper Gallery, 57th St., New York                                                                              Mrs Samuel Beckett, London, Dublin
American Academy of Arts & Letters, 5th Avenue, New York                                         Al Hurt, U.S. Consul
Phillips Galleries, West Palm Beach, USA (one-man show)                                             Mr P Wakefield, British Ambassador to Lebanon

Rizzoli Gallery, 5th Avenue, New York (drawing show)
Esculturas Nuevas, Malaga, Spain
                                                                                on permanent exhibition:
Gallery 21 Exposicion de Pinturas, Barcelona, Spain                                                      Smithsonian Institute, Washington DC, USA
                                                                                                                                 Kennedy Memorial Church, Arlington, Virginia, USA

    ©2006-2011 Alan Tobias-Williams. All rights reserved.